WATCH: Houston store charges $8 for gallon of milk

A Houston woman took video of a convenient store clerk asking for $8 for a gallon of milk, prompting some to say the store was price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Gladys Flores uploaded video she says was taken at Pak N Go Food Mart in Houston on August 29.

In a post on Facebook, Flores says her husband went to buy the milk but was told it would cost $10 because he was trying to buy the last gallon.

“She said well you're taking the last one and he's like so? She then responds well ok fine $9,” Flores wrote on Facebook.

She says her husband declined the price and left.

Flores says when her husband told her what happened, she went to the same store to buy the milk and to see if the clerk gave her the same high price.

“I get to the register and ask her for the price she smiles and thinks about it then tells me $8,” Flores wrote. “I looked at her and was in shock. I can't believe that even when people see the situation we are in where we should be working together to help each other and then this happens.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned on Wednesday that businesses faced penalties of up to $25,000 for price gouging in the aftermath of devastating flooding brought to Houston by former Hurricane Harvey.

“I don't know how far it will get but please share this isn't how Houston works!” Flores finished.