WATCH: Young orangutan has fun with pine shavings

An adorable, young orangutan appeared to attempt its own rendition of “Let it Snow,” playing and having the best time ever in a tub full of wood shavings.

Primate keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s filled a rubber tub of pine shavings for the youngest Bornean orangutan, Redd, to be used as an enrichment activity. Redd was born in September 2016.

“However, like most primates, he seemed to be more interested in playing with the tub itself rather than the contents inside,” the zoo said in a Facebook post with video showing the orangutan toss the shavings up and over its head. Redd then proceeded to climb and tumble as the shavings remained stuck to its fur. 

The activity is meant to help Redd improve his climbing and tumbling skills, which are important for apes that spend their lives in trees.