Widow sues movie theater over shooting

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The widow of the man shot and killed in a Wesley Chapel movie theater two years ago is suing the theater chain and one of its employees.

Nicole Ouslon's lawsuit says Cobb Theaters had no procedures in place to enforce its policy of "no weapons." 

Her husband, Chad Oulson, was shot and killed by retired Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves.  They were arguing over Oulson's use of a cell phone during the movie previews.

The lawsuit also blames a theater employee for not stepping in to diffuse the situation.  The suit says the employee had ample time to prevent Oulson's death because Reeves left the theater to complain to the theater's management.

Instead, the suit claims, the employee did nothing and when Reeves returned, the confrontation grew violent.

The suit demands better training for employees and money for Oulson's estate.

Meanwhile, a 'stand your ground' defense hearing, previously scheduled for tomorrow, has now been postponed several months -- just the latest delay in Reeves' criminal trial.

"While Ms. Oulson has complete faith in the criminal justice system, and the state attorneys handling the case, she could not just sit back any longer and allow this sort of thing to potentially happen to another family," wrote her attorney, T.J. Grimaldi.  "Ms. Oulson has seen the tragic events unfold in other movie theaters throughout the country, since the death of her husband, and wants to help effectuate change in any way that she can while seeking justice from all responsible. She feels that this is the best, most appropriate way to protect other innocent lives."