Window cleaners don superhero costumes to cheer up sick kids in children's hospital

A window cleaning business did their part to help sick kids smile this week when they dressed up as superheroes while rappelling down the side of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia.

Cath Pfeiffer-Smith from SA Window Cleaning said they had a great time doing bringing joy to kids staying in the hospital.

“It was wonderful to take a break from our usual window cleaning and give back to the kids in Adelaide by giving them a little break from their everyday medical routines, the same four walls and the same view out of their windows,” Pfeiffer-Smith said.

She said the company's workers break out their superhero suits every couple of years to surprise young patients.

“We might be the ‘superheroes’ on the day but the kids are the real heroes!” she said.

This video shows Superman, Batman, Iron Man and Spider-Man scaling the side of the building to the delight of kids inside.