Winn-Dixie in Valrico throws graduation ceremony for workers graduating from high school

(Cindy Frost)

A manager for a Winn-Dixie in Valrico knew some of her employees who were high school students were missing out on the chance to be recognized at a traditional graduation ceremony. Instead, she planned for one right at the store.

Cindy Frost is the customer service manager at the Winn-Dixie, located at 2535 State Road 60 East. She told FOX 13 she contacted the school principal of Durant High School, asking him to hand out mock diplomas that she created.   

"The graduates invited family members and teachers," she said. "They were so surprised to see their principal come, especially in a full suit!"

(Cindy Frost)

There was a total eight graduates -- six from Durant High and two from Brandon High School. Most wore their cap and gown. All wore a face mask.

A graduation party followed the ceremony, which took place Saturday, March 9, in an employee room, following social distancing guidelines. 

(Cindy Frost)

"A great time was had by all," Frost said. "All of my graduates were so appreciative of what I did for them."