Winning $450M Mega Millions ticket sold in Port Richey

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Folks are flocking to buy lottery tickets, hoping they can get lucky in Saturday night’s $570-million Powerball jackpot, and there’s a Port Richie store they’re hitting. 

The 7-Eleven along Ridge Road sold the one ticket in the United States that hit the Mega Millions jackpot Friday night.

After 23 straight drawings with no grand prize winner, the ticket matched all six numbers to win $450-million.  Now there’s money mania in Port Richie.

“Right here, the same place where I come to get juice, milk sometimes, I’m just like wow, would be nice if it was me,” Anthony Lozada said.

“I was here last night, and, uh didn’t get the winning ticket,” said Steve Heap.

We don’t know who the winner is, yet.  Under Florida law, the person can’t remain anonymous, but they have up to 180-days to claim the money.

“You’re just numb, it’s hard to believe,” said Donna.

The New Port Richie woman hit the Florida Lottery back in 2001 and knows the incredible feeling that comes with a win.  But she also has advice for the brand new millionaire.

“Whatever you do, just remember money is not gonna buy happiness, that’s like the most important thing,” she said.

Besides the jackpot, eight other lotto players in six states won big money in Fridays Mega Millions.

If you aren’t one of them, there’s a chance to land an even bigger payday in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing.  Another win would turn this town into Port Richie Rich.

“Maybe twice in the same weekend, who knows, so let’s do it and see what happens right,” Yadira Abreu said.

That prize has ballooned to $570-million, and millions of Americans are trying their luck and buying into the dream

“First and foremost we would pay off all our debt like everybody would, and then help out as much family as we could,” said Abreu.

“I would probably travel, you know, do the whole routine, pay my bills, quit my job,” Heap said.

“Buy my mother a house, and share the funds,” said Lozada.  “Tell ya the truth, I don’t want to be rich I just want to be comfortable.”

You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning or becoming a movie star than you do hitting it rich in the Powerball or Mega Millions. But that doesn’t stop folks from trying.