Winter the Dolphin under close watch for possible gastrointestinal infection

Tampa Bay's beloved dolphin, Winter, is under close watch for a possible gastrointestinal infection. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium says members of its animal care team noticed Winter wasn't acting normal last Monday.

In a release Sunday, the aquarium says staff members quickly noticed Winter was not interested in eating and began work to understand why. It says a care team is still running tests and that initial bloodwork suggests Winter may be fighting a gastrointestinal infection.

The aquarium says staff will continue to keep a close watch on Winter through the healing process and provide her with the highest quality of care.

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The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has cared for Winter since her rescue in 2005 after becoming entangled in a crab trap line. Winter lost her tail as a result but became famous for using a prosthetic tail.

Winter later starred in ‘Dolphin Tale,’ a 2011 movie based on her story of survival.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium says it will keep the public informed on any change in Winter's condition.

Winter the Dolphin in 2017.Winter in 2017