Witness in deadly love triangle case misses court

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It was a love triangle that turned deadly last winter.

Now defendant Jesse Harris says a key witness in the case is not cooperating.

Valerie Daniels witnessed the deadly fight that day, but it appears she’s done telling her story.

Defense Attorney Jonathan Comnes told a judge about this roadblock in his client's case.

"We have a little bit of a problem with a witness named Valerie Daniels," said Comnes.

Valerie Daniels has been a no-show for scheduled depositions, but Daniels did show up during a bond hearing last December.

She says she watched in horror as a love triangle turned deadly at a Tampa gas station.

"First his hand and legs were moving to get out of this chokehold and suddenly his legs and his hand stuff didn't move anymore," said Daniels.

But now Valerie is apparently done talking.

The defense told the judge it wants to question Daniels on what she knows but she never shows up.

"It has been set three times for deposition and three times she hasn't come," said Comnes.

Jesse Harris is accused of getting into a fistfight with Gregory Walker outside a Tampa gas station. Surveillance cameras caught some of the tussle.

Harris' attorney, Jonathan Comnes says Walker was the aggressor and Tracey Taylor, the woman caught in the middle, saw it first hand.

Harris is using Florida's stand your ground defense in an attempt to beat the charges. But before that is decided, he needs to hear from Valerie Daniels who surely has a story to tell.

"I know the truth is going to help us cause she saw the mutual fight that occurred on the ground," said Daniels.