Woman shot at Duke Energy truck along I-275, troopers say

A Plant City woman was jailed Wednesday for opening fire on a worker in a Duke Energy vehicle, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Several calls came in from witnesses who spotted someone driving a Lincoln Navigator erratically down the interstate. The first call came in from a woman driving down I-4 near Thonotosassa.

"This person is in the very left-hand lane. Three or four times, [she's] gone off to the shoulder of the road and also going into the middle land, so [she's] kind of swerving left and right," the caller said.

According to investigators, Destiny Harrison, 24, was the person behind the wheel of that SUV.

Minutes after the first call, another came in.

"I'm on I-4 heading west, just past exit number seven. There's a silver Lincoln Navigator...she is all over the road," the caller said. "She's crossing lanes and jerking back in and all kinds of stuff."

FHP said Harrison ended up tailgating a Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by a Duke Energy subcontractor. Troopers said the vehicle was marked with a company logo.

Investigators said, for an unknown reason, Harrison fired a shot at the pickup truck. The worker called 911 moments later.

"[She] was waving a gun and [she] shot a gun. I heard him shoot it," he can be heard saying. "[She] was following me for a minute and I [saw her] wave the gun and I'm like, 'OK, this guy is kind of crazy.' So I kept going. I switched lanes, [she] kept following me, I"m like 'all right,' and I finally heard [her] shoot a shot. I'm like, 'All right, well let me speed up.' I got up to around 80 and I swerved on North Himes. I got off on North Himes and [she] swerved. [She] almost flipped over!"

Troopers said Harrison eventually lost control of her SUV and ended up stuck in the median. Troopers placed her under arrest. 

FHP said they found three guns in her vehicle, along with drugs and containers of alcohol. She's facing a long list of charges.