Woman tries to set Fort Worth, Texas Christmas tree on fire

Bystanders yelled as a woman tried to set the Fort Worth, Texas town Christmas tree on fire. 

It could have been a dangerous situation after she attempted to set an object, possibly paper, on fire and then threw it toward the Christmas tree at Sundance Square.

It happened on December 16. Kalie Schuman shared videos she recorded of the incident.

“This could’ve been a catastrophe," Schuman wrote in her post. "Thankful we could warn everyone around us before things got worse. Fire was put out by bystanders while cops chased the crazy down."

The woman can be seen in the footage setting fire to an object and then tossing it over the guardrail towards the tree. Police told local media the woman had spread lighter fluid around the tree which caused the flame to grow.

The woman fled the scene but was later taken into custody and taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.