Woman uses social media for weight loss support

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Jaya Prakash is taking steps towards healthier living, which includes exercise, watching what she eats and taking pictures of her food.

She posts pictures of her meals to Facebook.

"I live on social media, I live on Facebook, so I reach out to Facebook to look at it and see if I can find inspiration and really keeping track. That was the really important part for me", said Prakash.

Prakash wanted to lose weight and get off medications. So she used the social network as a support system, to not only share pictures of her daily meals, but also to get feedback. It paid off.

"It took me almost eight months to lose 75 pounds", said Prakash.

She believes her Facebook check-ins were a big part of her weight loss journey.

"Number one it's a virtual record of what you ate, so it's very good accountability, because you know what you ate. You took a picture of it and you posted it there", said Prakash.

Personal trainer and dietician, Kelly Puryear agrees. She posts her own food pictures on Instagram and encourages her clients to do the same.

"I think social media is really good for holding the clients accountable. I know it holds myself accountable, making sure that I am eating a balanced meal everyday and not overeating on certain sweets and treats", said Puryear.

She points out with Instagram, you can broaden your community support.

"If you're posting your meals and using a hashtag, anyone using that hashtag can see your picture, so it feels like you belong to a group. You're all working towards the right goals of trying to be healthier, eat healthier", said Puryear.

Prakash said the bonus of social media accountability is having a lot of virtual coaches push you for free.

"It is okay to start on your own, but if you don't have support, you can't sustain it", said Prakash.

Prakash has become a health coach to help others on their weight loss journey.

For more information, coachjaya4health.net and for Kelly Puryear, fuel4soul.com.