WWE's new 7-foot superstar a familiar face in Tampa sports

WWE’s next big star should be a familiar face to sports fans in Tampa. Tolulope “Jordan” Omogbehin is the latest wrestling superstar to top 7 feet.  

Before signing with the WWE he was a center on the University of South Florida men's basketball team from 2012 to 2014.

FOX 13’s Josh Cascio asked him what transfers most from basketball to the ring.

“The footwork a lot because a lot in basketball we do a lot of drills, especially for a big guy you gotta know how to use your feet,” he said.

He is being coached by former WWE Superstar Matt Bloom at the Performance Center in Orlando. Bloom has trained some of the biggest names in the business.

“I see great things I think he's a 7-foot-4 guy who can change the game. Braun Stroman has currently changed the game for big men, that’s the next generation right there,” Bloom said.

Earlier this summer, the big guy had his first match, crushing two opponents.

“Being in the ring is smaller more constrained you have to work in a 20 by 20-foot ring that has been a little bit challenging for me,” he said.  “I still try to use some of the methodology that I learned in basketball here, such as pivoting using my long if I run the ropes that kind of stuff,” he added. 

He has the intangibles: the size, the look, and the attitude. 

Watch out for what could be WWE's next big star.

“I never thought I’d be a WWE superstar myself but being here is such a dream come true I finally found my passion after a long time, I’m just happy to be here,” he said.