WWII Army nurse celebrates 100th birthday

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A Bay Area military hero celebrated a century of life, service, and sacrifice to her country.

Martha Cameron was the center of a special birthday celebration. The World War II military hero just turned 100 years old.

"She is a very special person," said family friend George Fynn. "She is a second mother to us."

Martha was a nurse in the Army. She was among the first group of medical personal to land on the beaches of Normandy just after D-Day in 1942.

"You just felt an obligation to do what you saw needed to be done," Martha said. "[I] felt an obligation to do that. If they had any pain at all, [I was there] to treat the pain."

Martha worked as a military nurse for more than 20 years. 

"It was like an adventure," said Martha. "It was exciting."