Ybor City security guard skips court, prompting new warrant

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On April 18, 2017, defendant Everoy Farqharson's attorney told a judge he had never missed a court date.

That all changed Tuesday when Farqharson didn't show up to court and his attorney didn't know where he was.

The last time we saw Ybor City security guard Everoy Farqharson in court, the judge revoked his bond. He was slapped with handcuffs and taken to jail. But some time between then and now, he got out of jail.

Farqharson, who was due in court Tuesday to prepare for his trial set to begin next week, was nowhere in sight.

It was last summer that Farqharson, who was a security guard, got into trouble when he spotted two men urinating in a Ybor City parking garage.

Prosecutors say he blocked the men's car with his golf cart.

Cell phone video shows the confrontation, turning physical when Farqharson shoves one man and attempts to throw a punch and knocks down the cell phone from another man's hand.

The video goes black but you hear the sound of gunfire soon after.

Farqharson is facing a number of charges that, if convicted, could get him deported. But now his trial is on hold until they find him.

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser was quick to act.

"All right, it is 8:38 by my count. Mr. Farqharson is not present. I will issue a capias warrant with no bond for his failure to appear," said Kiser.