Young psychic accused of scamming client, rich husband out of more than $1 million will head to trial

A psychic accused of scamming her client and the client's rich husband out of more than $1 million is set to head to trial. 

Prosecutors said Jaycee Wasso is an accused scam artist who manipulated her client, Lin Halfon, into stealing more than $1 million in cash and valuables from her wealthy husband, Richard Rappaport. 

Wasso was recently offered a deal by prosecutors of 10 years in prison, but rejected it. She offered her own deal of five years in prison, along with a promise to cooperate with investigators, according to her attorney, Glen Lansky. 

"Cooperate against the two people they just indicted for the grand jury for stealing the same money they claim my client stole," Lansky told the court.

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The two co-conspirators Lansky is referring to are Wasso's ex-husband, Joey Evans, and his dad, John Evans. 

They were just indicted by a grand jury for profiting from Rappaport's stolen money.

Jaycee Wasso's ex-husband, Joey Evans, and his dad, John Evans, were indicted for profiting from the stolen money. 

Lansky had suggested during an interview with FOX 13 in March that his client was taking the fall for others who had more involvement in spending the cash. They said Joey Evans was even bragging about his pricey purchases on social media, but prosecutors said Wasso orchestrated the whole thing.

Wasso claims to be a psychic who provides spiritual readings to her clients, but prosecutors said she is also a con artist who manipulated Halfon into stealing from her husband. 

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"They're alleging Cartier watches and Cartier things, and they’re alleging it’s the property of Mr. Rappaport. I want to know who purchased those items? And how they were given to my client?" asked Lansky.

Assistant statewide prosecutor Paul Dontenville fired back. 

"What happened, judge, is that Miss Wasso exploited Miss Halfon and sucked cash from Mr. Rappaport for a year," argued Dontenville.

Young bride Lin Halfon took a plea deal in the case in exchange for 13 months in the county jail. She was deported back to Israel, but she is expected to return for Wasso's trial. 

Last year, Halfon took a plea deal in exchange for 13 months in the county jail. She was also deported back to Israel and Rappaport filed for divorce. However, Halfon is expected to return to Tampa and will be the State's star witness in Wasso's trial in December.

If convicted of all charges, Wasso faces more than 100 years in prison.