Young Tampa dancers perform in international competition finals

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Two teens are part of the Next Generation Ballet Dancers program at the Straz Center, and both can be described as graceful.

Both Alexis Bull, 16, and Hector Jain, 12, made it to the final round of the Youth America Grand Prix Finals in New York City.

"It's my favorite thing to do," Alexis Bull, 16, said. "When I am on stage I am the happiest I ever am."

"I like how it's so relaxing and you just get to let go," Hector added. "There definitely lot of higher-end good dancers that were really good and it was nice to be around people some people that are really good."

The competition is the largest global network for top dancers.  

"It was something that I have never done before and I never have done anything like it," Alexis explained. "It was a unbelievable experience." 

Philip Neal, dance director for the school, knew there was something special about the young dancers.

"You know that expression sometimes, 'You just know it when you see it.' The first time I saw both of them dance...[it] caught my breath cause like, wow," Neal said.

The duo dancers were two of 82 who made it to the finals were they danced on stage for the world's best ballet companies. Both Alexis and Hector won scholarships to their hard work.

It's a bright and promising future for two excellent dancers.