YouTube star buys DeSoto Speedway, plans to bring it back to its former glory

When the tires are smoking, Cleetus McFarland is smiling. Welcome to the freedom factory.

"It's the freedom to do the things we wanted to do every day, but didn't have a place to do it," he laughed.

McFarland is a life-long car enthusiast with a wildly successful channel on YouTube. He just bought the old DeSoto Speedway in Manatee County, which has been closed for years.

"When we bought it three weeks ago, this place was completely overrun with grass, and weeds were actually growing through the racetrack surface," he recalled.

He has 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

"All the guys that watch our show are pretty much like us," he continued. "They are all car guys. They all do crazy stuff. The only difference is we film it."

All of his cars have names and stories. His old Crown Victoria police car is called "Neighbor" in honor of a neighbor who passed away. McFarland bought his car.

"Now it's got a thousand horsepower, it's built for stunt driving, and we'll do whatever you ask it to do," McFarland said.

When they finish work on the former speedway, car enthusiasts will be able to come here and drive. They're planning the Cleetus And Cars Grand Championship burnout event November 20 and 21.

"We never could have imagined it, but hell brother, we're here and we're excited," he smiled.