Zillow: Tampa to have hottest housing market in country this year

The Tampa-area housing market is expected to remain red-hot this year. 

"Tampa used to be a sleepy town. I’ve been here 30 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes. Tampa has become so popular with so many groups of people," said realtor Michelle Digiore. 

That, in part, is why the popular website Zillow forecasts the Tampa region to be the number one hottest housing market in 2022. 

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"Tampa really has the best mix we found of strong forecasted home value growth, strong demographics, a solid pipeline of buyers young and old," explained Cory Hopkins, economics manager for Zillow. 

The trend means sellers will likely continue to wield a lot of power. 

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"Buyers need to be ready. They need to be aggressive and need to be ready to make a decision and submit their offer immediately. You cannot sit around and contemplate and analyze, if you want a property you need to take action," shared DiGiore. 

Zillow listed Jacksonville as number two and Orlando as number nine on its hot housing market list. 


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