Zoom: It's for meetings, schoolwork, and now, weddings

A Manatee County couple got married this weekend and still invited guests -- using the video conferencing application Zoom. 

Bryan and Nicole Baker were engaged on March 28, 2018. They were determined to have that same day serve as their wedding day, reluctant to let any social distancing guidelines get in the way of their vows. 

“We were trying to get toilet paper at Publix and all of a sudden I was like, ‘Why don’t we get married on Zoom?’” recalled Nicole. 

She says over a hundred people logged on and watched their wedding. Even the officiant, who was Nicole’s cousin, was remote. 

“It was really nice to have all our friends and family come together and support the Zoom wedding. It happened so quickly,” offered Bryan. 

All of the guests even dressed as if they were attending a wedding.  Considering what the country is going through right now, Bryan says they are grateful to the loved ones who showed up. 

“In these trying times, it meant the world that they were there supporting us and watching us as we made this big step in our lives.”

Bryan and Nicole are hoping they can hold the ceremony they intended to have later this summer.