Zota resort killings, robbery fueled by greed: Police

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Police say a co-worker, apparently motivated by greed and jealousy, robbed and murdered two Longboat Key resort employees.

Investigators say Darrell Hanna, Jr. was a security guard at the Zota resort, but he was feeling underpaid. That’s what led him to murder two others and take $900, according to police.

Kevin Carter was one of the men killed during Hanna’s alleged attack. Carter was working security at Zota when Hanna, wearing a mask, allegedly came in with a gun and fired shots.

Carter’s long-time partner, Thomas Swigeart says Kevin loved his job and the people he helped guard. He can't figure out why two men's lives were taken for just $900.

Swigeart anxiously waited in the courtroom for Darryl Hanna, Jr.'s first appearance. Swigeart said he took that time to reflect on the man who meant the most in his life - Kevin Carter.

"He's been by my side. Kept me alive literally for the last 24 years. I have remained alive because of him," said Swigeart.

He met Carter 24 years ago, shortly after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. They've been together ever since. For the past five years of their relationship, Carter worked with Victory Security.

"He loved his job. He absolutely loved it. It gave him a freedom and responsibility at the same time. He loved interacting with people," said Swigeart.

That included his co-workers at Zota Resort on Longboat Key. He said Carter and night desk manager Timothy Hurley made a great team.

"They were peas in a pod. They were both sweet sweet men. Both family oriented men. Both happy," he said.

But last Friday, the lives of both men were taken, according to Longboat Key Police, by one of their own co-workers. Police arrested Hanna Wednesday night.

Arrest documents show he was a part-time security guard with Victory Security at the Zota Resort. A co-worker said Hanna complained he didn't make enough money.

"Clearly this hotel was something he was familiar with, the location of the cash drawers and how many employees were on duty... That would indicate this was targeted," said Chief Pete Cumming.

Swigeart said Carter thought highly of many of his coworkers but had a different feeling about Hanna.

"Kevin had told me that Darryl had a rather bad work attitude. Wasn't the nicest person. He didn't want to work with him again," he said.

While Hanna is being held on no bond, Swigeart only has one question.

"Why? I mean really, honestly, why? Even if it's a one-word answer. Just why," he asked.