Ax-throwing: A fun, cathartic escape

The new wave of hatchet-throwing has joined one of many things re-opening after shutting its doors do to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Ax-throwing is just something different," said the co-owner of Stumpy's Hatchet Throwing in Tampa, Tara Wehman said. "You're able to let out a little frustration."

Wehman and her husband/co-owner Brendan Wehman are making sure Stumpy's is re-opened in a safe, and clean manner.

"Everything has been sanitized," Brendan Wehman explained. "We have masks present for the employees, as well as a temperature check. These pits are all spaced out six feet apart, but are also spacing everyone out that comes in within their group."

Ax-throwing, while obscure, is still a sport nonetheless, but it's one everyone can enjoy.

"If you have some athletic talent or non-athletic talent, it's all about form, follow-through, and technique," Brendan Wehman said. "(You'll) exercise, sweat, and a (feel) little soreness the next day."

Throwing an ax can also be a cathartic experience, and who doesn't need that?

"You're getting to throw axes at a piece of wood, and just let out some stress and tension," Tara Wehman said. "(You) laugh at every time you miss and get excited every time you hit the bullseye."