Bucs Joe Tryon motivated by sibling rivalry

Day one of the Buccaneers' rookie minicamp means it's time for the kids to get to work.

"I’m really pleased with what we’ve seen so far," head coach Bruce Arians said. "It will be a really good weekend."

With the Bucs returning all 22 of last year's starters, none of the 2021 draft class members are needed to make an immediate impact, but they'll still need to be ready.

"I'm still preparing like I'm the starter," first-round pick Joe Tryon said. "You never know when your card is going to be called."

Being prepared is something Tryon is used to. It's a product of a little sibling rivalry with his older sister Julia.

"Being competitive is in our blood. We’ve had that since we’ve been young."

While Joe plays out his rookie season in Tampa, Julia will soon start medical school, likely at the University of Washington. It's just the latest chapter in the Joe vs. Julia sibling rivalry that has gone on, literally their whole lives.

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"My sister was in all of the advanced classes in high school," Tryon said. "I was always working out as much as I could, or do anything I could to match her work ethic in the classroom."

The sibling rivalry is a friendly one.

"I see it as a race to success, but we are just cheering each other on"

However, it's a rivalry, nonetheless.

"It’s never a competition, but it really is a competition," Tryon said. "I’m glad I have my sister in my life. It’s motivation because she’s doing big things."

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