Bucs train with Special Olympic athletes at One Buc

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The touchdown celebrations continued after the first practice for more than 60 Special Olympics athletes at One Buc Place.

In the annual training camp tradition, the athletes get to play ball with their favorite Buccaneer players.

"It's very important," said Bucs defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. "We're doing something out here that most people don't do, just giving back to the kids, the Special Olympics kids."

Pierre-Paul and Cam Brate were just a couple of the many Bucs who stuck around after camp to help run drills with the athletes.

"It's such a fun day, especially at this point of the year in camp. We're all tired and it's kind of a drag to come out here every day," said Brate. "These kids put it into perspective, just their attitude, their team spirit, it really lifts you up. It's just a blast to work with them."

"I learned a thing or two out here: A couple of touchdown celebrations coming up this year, I learned from them," Brate continued. "Hopefully, I can bust some of those out."

They were giving back to the athletes, but the Bucs were getting so much more in return.