Bucs Tristan Wirfs achieves early success, eyes improvement

Bucs Right Tackle Tristan Wirfs is just 23 years old, but he’s already been named to an All-Pro team and played for a Super Bowl Championship team.

His reputation as the NFL’s best at his position is growing. So, too, is his desire to improve.

"I think I’m far from arrived.", says Wirfs. "I’m going into year three, I’ve got a lot of stuff left to do, a lot of stuff to get better at. And I think you have to have people around you that aren’t going to let you think that you’ve made it."

Having Tom Brady in the huddle as his quarterback and mentor helps keep that perspective. Tristan Wirfs is amazed at the ageless quarterback’s ability to maintain his drive.

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"Sometimes I’m just like, go sit down ", says Tristan jokingly, "Just take a break. No, I love Tommy. I’m so glad I get to protect him".

That’s the essence of Tristan Wirfs. He’s grateful for the opportunity to block for the greatest player ever to play in the NFL. Not that it’s a burden. Not that it’s pressure like few can conceive.

He’s grateful and excited to be part of the future, creating a legacy in Tampa Bay.