Fans torn over giving up home game for Bucs to play in London

For the third time, the Bucs will kick off across the pond.

The NFL has announced the team will give up a home game to take on the Carolina Panthers in London next season.

The date is yet to be determined, but no matter when it falls, many see it as the trip of a lifetime.

Others say it's not worth it to give up a football Sunday at Ray J.

"That is the thing I will miss the most, its just one less of those Sundays," said season ticket holder Adam Locascio.

Thirteen-year ticket holder or not, he's not going to drop thousands to cross the pond. 

But when he heard it was part of the deal in hosting the 2021 Super Bowl at Ray J, he accepted the penalty.

"I would trade one home game for that opportunity to do that stuff again, It was a lot of fun," he said of the 2009 Super Bowl, which was held in Tampa.

Keith Big Nasty Kunzig is going to get some big frequent flyer miles.

"I was ecstatic," the Hall of Fame fan said of the announcement. "It is probably going to be about $10,000 for three people. That's a lot of money."

To help offset the cost, look no further than his Bucs shrine. 

And you can even look through it. 

To make some room, he's hosting a garage sale where one of the Football Hall of Fame fans says all serious offers will be accepted. 

"It's a bucket list, right? You gotta do it. I have never been there before. Plus, to see your Bucs in London, I can't wait," he said.

Kunzig and Locascio see it as a golden opportunity for a team mostly besieged by tough seasons since their first two trips to London in 2009 when they lost to New England, and 2011 when they lost to Chicago.

"Hopefully it will help expand the brand, make the team more popular, maybe we can get more national recognition," said Locascio.

The date of the game has not been set, but the NFL's international games are often held in October.