Major league miracle: Danny Farquhar recovers after traumatic brain injury

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Danny Farquhar is a major league miracle. A year ago, he suffered a brain injury following his performance against the Houston Astros pitching for the Chicago White Sox.

It's a traumatic injury where 40% of people die and 66% of the remaining have some form of a disability.

Farquhar was rushed to a Chicago hospital unconscious with the White Sox fearing the worst.

"The clubbie, who was in the ambulance, as he was talking to my wife on phone he didn't think I was alive when I was in the ambulances," Farquhar, who also pitched for the Rays in 2016-17, told FOX 13's Kevin O'Donnell. "To hear that out of his mouth is pretty scary."

Farquhar would remain in the hospital for three weeks after undergoing brain surgery that included removing part of his skull. He had no memory of the incident. The first thing he asked his doctor was when could he get back to baseball. 

"I don't think they ever had a doubt when they saw my determination in my eyes," said Farquhar. "They were like, 'OK, you got this. You're going to do it and you're going to be great.'"

Just three months after leaving the hospital, Farquhar was cleared to start working out and, in January, signed a minor league deal with the New York Yankees. His return to the game included a sleek, specialized cap with an outer flap for extra protection.

"It's foam and then it's Kevlar on the inside," said Farquhar. "It's supposed to be strong enough to stop a bullet."

When the Yankees broke spring training camp and headed north, Farquhar was left back in Tampa for extended spring training. But there's no question in his mind that some point he will return to the majors, after a first stop in the minor leagues. 

"There's not a doubt that I'll play in the big leagues, whether it's this year, next year, one of these years," said Farquhar. "I'm going to get back to the big leagues."

With his wife and three young children watching over every moment towards his journey back, it brings Danny perspective. 

"I could barely walk and I could barely throw a baseball and I barely could lift weights," said Farquhar. "How far I've come now. You look back and wow this is awesome."