Malik Davis: The Bay Area's best

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Jesuit High's Malik Davis just needs a slight crack to tear apart defenses. Even when there seems not to be a hole, Malik finds one. It's a rare talent that has brought recruiters from over 100 different colleges this past spring to get a look.

"He's a once-in-a-lifetime type of kid that you get to coach," said Jesuit head coach Matt Thompson.

"I've seen numerous runs where there's no chance that he's coming out of there and he comes out of there clean," said former Bucs tigh end and Jesuit offensive consultant Dave Moore. "Either with a spin move or one foot in the ground with tremendous acceleration."

"His athletic ability is obvious," continued Thompson. "What I try to sell to coaches on is his character. The way that he's grown over these four years. It's just amazing."

You won't hear Malik getting caught up in all the talking about his game. Ask him why he's so great he gives you a humble response.

"Being coachable," said Malik. "I've learned a lot from my coaches.  That's what I think makes me good.  I can use it in the game, what I've learned."

When Malik walks off Jesuit's field this fall for the last time he's likely do it as Hillsborough County's all-time leading rusher. He's is already Jesuit's all-time leading rusher and just 1210 yards separates him from becoming the county's all-time best.

He's well ahead of the pace to break the record.

"It's funny because the only time that we talk about that is when he's being interviewed," smiled Thompson. "He never mentions that at all to me. His goal is to win a state championship. To win every game that we play in. If he gets it, it's going to be great. But if he doesn't you know and we win 15 games I'm sure he'll be a lot happier."

"It's a target, but I try not to think about it too much," said Malik. "But it's definitely something that I would like to accomplish before I leave high school."

It would be extra special because Malik's longtime friend, Ray Ray McCloud III, holds the record.

"That would be good bragging rights," laughed Malik. "He actually texted me about it, a couple weeks back. Mentioned it like. Hold it down if you beat it.

Did the message include slow it down?

"No, no," laughed Malik.