Matt Joyce is a hometown hit with clean-up power

Matt Joyce went from Armwood High School in Seffner to Florida Southern in Lakeland, and from there he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2005.

Throughout his 13 years in the major leagues, he has demonstrated uncanny power -- to clear the bases and clean-up the place.

Joyce is now a Miami Marlin. He signed for the season that has not yet been determined, but even during an unexpected, extended break, he's still excited about his profession.

Also a former Tampa Bay Ray, Joyce has been working out at his new training center in New Tampa.

It's called F45.

The 'F' stands for functional, and the '45' is the amount of time the workout takes. Joyce visited an F45 in Land O' Lakes to look into the program.

"As soon as I did the workout, I was hooked. I loved it. This is exactly what you want to do as an athlete. These are all very functional movements, they are low impact so I'm not going to hurt myself. And it's a 45-minute workout, so you feel incredible as soon as your done," Joyce said.

The New Tampa location is one of five centers Joyce will partner in. The Sparkman Wharf location in downtown Tampa is close to being ready.

Being ready is something that Matt Joyce specializes in these days. Waiting on the season to get started, he's working out not only in his training center but in the batting cage as well. He hits at least three times a week to stay sharp.

These days at Matt Joyce's F45 Training center, he spends a lot of time cleaning. His vacuum leaves a shine on the rubberized flooring.

"I'm doing it all," quips Joyce.

He seems to be loving every minute of it.