Mia Fung's injuries won't stop her from making an impact for USF softball

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Redshirt senior Mia Fung is always on the field with her USF softball teammates, even when injuries try to keep her off of it.

"I will be there," she said. "If I can physically be there, or just there in general. It's been hard, but you can get through it." 

Since 2017, the former Strawberry Crest High School standout has endured an injury every season. First, she tore her ACL in her left knee. The following year, she tore the one in her right knee. At the beginning of this season, she broke her wrist while trying to make a catch in the outfield.

"It's been a rollercoaster ride," Fung said. "It's been very hard. It's a lot of moments where you feel down. I feel like I've gotten tougher." 

"These are little inconveniences that'll make her stronger as she goes on," said USF head coach Ken Eriksen. "I think that's the outlook you have to have."

It's been almost three months since Mia broke her wrist, and recently, she started swinging a bat for the first time since the injury happened. 

"Hopefully, each day, I can start swinging it more and more, and try to get back out one more time if I can," she said.

Although she's not quite back up to full speed, she's been able to step in as a pinch runner for the Bulls. 

There's no telling if she'll make another plate appearance or play the field again as a Bull, but there is one thing for sure: Mia still makes an impact on her teammates.

"People need that push sometimes," said Fung. "Even if you can't physically be on the field with them, it helps in any way you can." 

"In the dugout, around our players, the hard work that she puts in on her rehab, and her prehab, and all the things that she's doing to try to just come out and pinch run, because that's all she can do, has been nothing short of inspirational," said Eriksen. 

The softball team wraps up regular season play on the road at Wichita in a three-game series this weekend.