Rays, city still unclear on who might pay for Ybor City stadium

A little more than a week after the Tampa Bay Rays revealed what they hope their new stadium in Ybor City will look like - there is still wild speculation over how much money the rays will contribute to the $892 million price tag and how much will be left on the back of taxpayers.

In the past, Rays owner Stuart Sternberg has said the team would put around $150 million towards the ballpark.

During a community meeting on Wednesday, Ray's ambassador Jason Woody said that number increased to $400 million; just under half of the cost.

When FOX 13 asked about his comment on Thursday, he backtracked.

“I don't know if that’s the case. Could it be more? Could it be less? At this stage we don't know,” Woody said. “Right now the Rays are willing to contribute whatever they can to make this happen.”

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The team clarified Thursday saying they wouldn't confirm a $400 million contribution but did point to a recent quote from Sternberg saying he is willing to pitch in more than $150 million.

An effort to raise corporate funds has been ongoing. During the last several months, groups of corporate and civic leaders have been working behind the scenes to secure pledges for sponsorship and ticket sales.