Shaquill Griffin shares Pro Bowl honor with twin Shaquem

Lakewood alum Shaquem Griffin isn’t trying to fool anyone at Pro Bowl week in Orlando by taking his twin brother Shaquill’s credentials and sunglasses.

He just wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world.

“I wanted to get full access,” Shaquem told FOX 13 Sports. “I said wherever he's walking, I'm walking. If he's going to meetings, I'm going to meetings.”

Shaquill, a cornerback for Seattle, was a late selection to the Pro Bowl. He didn’t get the call from the NFL until last Sunday while watching the 49ers advance to the Super Bowl against the Packers.

“At first I see the text, and it said ‘NFL PR.’ I thought it said ‘Security.’ I said ‘Oh no, what did I do wrong,’” the former UCF Knight joked with FOX 13 Sports. 

After receiving the good news, Shaquill alerted friends and family so nonchalantly that no one was sure he was serious.

“It was out of nowhere,” Shaquem said. “He said ‘I made it to the Pro Bowl.’ I was like ‘Wait, what?!’”

“He (was) so quiet so I was like ‘I’ll celebrate for him. I’ll do all the celebrating for him.’”

While Shaquem, a linebacker alongside the same defense with Shaquill, isn’t on the NFC roster this year, he’s more than happy to be along for the ride.

Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin

“To actually see him accomplishing these goals, and it's happening right now, I mean it's such an amazing thing for me,” Shaquem said. “I'm right here, front seat, watching it all.”

“His success is my success, and vice-versa,” Shaquill added. “We're going to continue to do things together, and we're going to stay together to the end.”