Sidelined by coronavirus shutdown, Alstott misses his football family

NFL defenders knew all too well it was tough stopping Mike Alstott. In his post football life, the A-Train is still always on the move. 

Right now, he should be coaching his high school team and preparing for his annual Mike Alstott Outdoor Weekend, a charity event that brings in players from all over the country and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for his foundation. 

"First and foremost is to just get everybody healthy and get America back on its feet again,” Alstott told FOX 13 Sports. "To get everybody back working and we'll go from there. I'm going to try to do it this year, probably in the fall."

With everything on hold, Mike is enjoying this extra time with his wife Nicole and his three kids, who are home from school. 

"The only thing is we're staying tight-knit,” said Alstott. "We're just with our family, our group of people."

He's really missing his other family right now, the Northside Christian Mustangs.

"I'm hurting,” he said. "This thing is hurting me, as far as high school football. All of us high school coaches and programs with our new young athletes, and this is the time we develop them."

But on the bright side, the Bucs do have Tom Brady.

"He's a great ambassador to football,” Alstott offered. "He's a great ambassador for the Buccaneers. He's going to finish his career here. So we're excited to have him in town. It's going to be very exciting for all of the fans. The seats will be filled."

And what about the Bucs’ decision to go back to the Super Bowl-style uniforms?

"I loved it,’ smiled Alstott, who scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVII. "Going back to the original look. But the pewter is pretty sweet, I thought. It's not about the jerseys. It's about what you do each and every day to make yourself better."