St. Pete to redevelop Tropicana Field property, with or without Rays

As it appears the Tampa Bay Rays will remain in Tropicana Field until 2027, the city of St. Pete says it is still moving forward with a major redevelopment project of that property even if the team isn’t on board.

“We can move forward with development in any situation,” said Alan DeLisle, the city’s development administrator.

St. Pete’s plan A was for the Rays to stay and the city would help them build a brand new stadium, with financing ready to go, at a cost that would much cheaper than what the team would have paid in Tampa. 

That option is still on the table.

Plan B was based on the team leaving St. Petersburg. Then the city would redevelop the property into a place for high paying jobs like a research facility or a technology park.

DeLisle said St. Pete is now looking at how to develop the area around a still standing Tropicana Field.

“The way that stadium is set up is completely outdated and behind the times,” he said.

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In an era where most people Uber or Lyft to sporting events, parking could easily go vertical, freeing up acres and acres of land on the site, almost immediately.

Mayor Rick Kriseman said he needed to have more conversations with the team and anticipates it will reach out to him in the coming days or weeks.