Team becomes family for USF women's soccer

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For the USF's women's soccer team, it's all about family. The dynamic is driven by a coaching duo that happens to be happily married.

Head Coach Denise Schilte-Brown and Chris Brown tied the coaching knot in 2001.

"I really think it's a family dynamic," said Hannah Seybold. "They watch out of us. We're their own. I think that is something you don't get at every school for sure."

"You know, to be able to role model a good relationship for the kids I think is important," said Denise Schilte-Brown. "On top of it, we do talk about a family atmosphere. It's a different kind of family. Everybody's family dynamics are different, but at the end of the day, you don't mess with your family. You have each others' back. You're there for one another."

Denise and Chris have soccer DNA flowing through their blood. Both grew up playing the game and it should come as no surprise that there first meeting in 1996 was crossing paths on the soccer field.

"I actually saw her playing in one of her summer league games," recalls husband Chris Brown. "I said to my buddy 'Hey, who's No.2?' He goes, 'I know her, we're good friends.' I'm like 'OK, can you introduce us?' and it kind of started from there."

Denise and Chris have been working side by side at USF for 12 seasons. This has been one of the most successful years. The Bulls are a win away from reaching the Sweet 16.

On the field Denise has the final say, but who makes the calls at home?

"It depends on what the topic is," laughed Chris.

"Definitely the topic," said Denise. "I think we kind of take turns. If you're super passionate about something, fine, have it your way, but otherwise, I kind of listened to you last time and it didn't work, so we're doing it my way."

It's a winning team at home that's looking for a crowning moment this season.