More veteran players join Tampa Bay Buccaneers for offseason workouts

Devin White and Shaq Barrett are two of a handful of veteran additions to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers voluntary offseason workouts. Neither are required to be here, but both feel they need to be.

"I feel like it is great for me to be here, because we are putting in new defenses, and I don't want to just learn it on Zoom," said Devin White. "I want to actually come in and learn it full-speed and get the feel of it down. Be able to go fast, obviously I have to hold it down for Lavonte [David]. I know he is doing his thing, what he has to do, so one of us has to be here to run the show and I took it upon myself to keep getting better."

With Brady not a OTA's it's giving Kyle Trask valuable reps that he needs. Trask looked sharp getting time with the starters that were there. He completed a lot of passes including on the final play of practice. Trask split two defenders for a perfect touchdown pass to free agent receiver Travis Jonsen.

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"I just want to see him keep getting better," said White. "He's good right now. I want to see him keep getting better because he could be the future here, and I hope to be here with him."

Two of Brady's former New England Patriots teammates Logan Ryan and Shaq Mason are waiting for their reunion with their old quarterback. For the first time in his career, Mason was on the losing side of a Brady victory when TB12 returned to Foxboro last year and beat his old team. Mason is looking forward to not having to do that again.

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"I ain't got to worry about that again," Mason said laughing.

With this likely being Brady's final season with the Bucs, it's another Super Bowl or bust season.

"Yeah, I’m going to approach it that way for sure," said Barrett. "Hopefully we can send him out on the highest note possible. We’ve just got to start putting in the work in now. If it is his last ride, I’m going to make sure I do everything I can to send him out on the top of the mountain."