Nikki Fried one-on-one interview

In the August 23 Primary election, two Florida Democrats are competing for the nomination to challenge Governor Ron DeSantis:  Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried and U.S. Rep. (and former Republican Governor) Charlie Crist.  Both recently agreed to one-on-one interviews with Fox 13 Political Editor Craig Patrick.

From Russia to Florida: FBI halts Russian agent's 7-year influence campaign

A Russian foreign agent was involved in spreading false information and influencing city politics in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to the FBI. Officials did not specify which local political group was involved, but Uhuru leaders later confirmed it was their group referenced in the indictment.

Intel: Putin may cite Ukraine war to meddle in US politics

Given Vladimir Putin’s antipathy toward the West and his repeated denunciations of Ukraine, officials believe he may see the U.S. backing of Ukraine’s resistance as a direct affront to him, giving him further incentive to target another U.S. election.

Pence eyes 2024 White House run of his own as he distances himself from Trump

In a speech to top Republican donors, former Vice President Mike Pence urged the GOP to move on from Trump's 2020 grievances and declared “there is no room in this party for apologists" for Vladimir Putin after Trump praised the Russian leader's maneuvering as “genius" before his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Proposed laws stir up controversy as they move through Florida's Legislature

The proposed laws range from restricting curriculum related to critical race theory, election laws, and security and abortion rights. Many of the laws have been positioned as protections for the rights of parents, the unborn, and democratic processes, but the bills' opponents say the so-called protections may do more harm than good.

Biden, Harris visit Atlanta to push for voting reform bill

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Atlanta on Tuesday to discuss the need for federal legislation to protect the right to vote. But some civil rights activists, uninterested in another speech, don’t want to hear it.

DeSantis takes aim at elections -- again

Despite glowing reviews for the way Florida runs them, Governor Ron DeSantis is urging state lawmakers to take an extra step to ensure the security of elections. He wants them to create a state office dedicated solely to investigating election crimes.