More manatees were killed by Florida boaters in 2019 than ever before

The manatee exhibit is a popular one at ZooTampa at Lowry Park. As a patient observer, it's common to see young children exclaiming with joy and sprinting toward the observatory windows with their parents being pulled along in tow. When visitors peer through the glass, they're greeted by the whiskered faces and beady eyes of the "cows of the sea" -- a staple of Florida's waterways.

Injured manatee gone from Treasure Island canal

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission called off its mission to monitor an injured manatee that became trapped in a canal after the manatee disappeared overnight.

Injured manatee dies hours after rescue

A female manatee, pulled from a Clearwater pond yesterday during a large rescue operation, passed away overnight. Officials at ZooTampa shared the news this morning, saying they were “deeply saddened” by the loss.

Manatee hugs snorkeler in Crystal River

You can swim with the manatees in Crystal River, but one of the sea cows took a particular liking to one woman as she swam with the gentle giants!