Forecast: Another weekend, another cold front

This week’s slow warmup will give way to another chilly weekend, forecasters say. 

According to meteorologist Jim Weber, the first front was pushing through Friday, bringing humid air and cloudy skies. Then we’ll have a small chance of rain as the second front moves through on Saturday, bringing the cooler air.

"It’s gonna take a little time. We need that secondary front to work its way through," Jim offered.

The cooldown will start later on Saturday, and it will be noticeably cooler, drier, and clear on Sunday.

The front was already bringing snow to the upper Midwest on Friday.

"You see some snow there," Jim continued. "We’re not going to get that cold, but certainly we’ll drop these temperatures right back down into the lower 50s and even some 40s showing up as we head into the first part of next week."

Temperatures will slowly warm back up through next week.

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