‘Long live Fan Man’: Skier propels through heavy snow in with high-powered fan

A Washington man brought in reinforcements to get through some deep snow. While wearing skis, he attached a high-powered fan to his back to propel him forward.

Melissa Crosetto tweeted the video of the "Fan Man" on Feb. 13. from Boulevard Park, an area between Seattle and Burien.

The video showed the skier gliding through the snow and the large fan roaring and pushing him from behind. 

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"Watched this happen today and I just can't not share it," she posted. 

She then posted a second video of him.

"We saw the contraption he had and asked him if we could take video/photos. He then strapped into the most genius invention I’ve ever seen in my life," Crosetto told Storyful. "Fan Man is my hero. Long live Fan Man."

"Guess we know what this guy spent his stimulus on," she also posted.

Around nine inches of snow was recorded at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, which was the sixth highest snowfall for a day since 1946, according to the National Weather Service.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.