Record heat is sweet, for some

It's been like a broken record this week with all the broken, well, records.

We've broken 10 heat records this week alone. And while some are asking where fall is, others are relishing the heat.

"The weather was perfect for this time of the year for us," one beachgoer offered.

Beach rentals are a huge business for Clearwater Beach, but this is typically a slower part of the year.

"Until a little after Christmas, it's pretty slow out here," a beach attendant observed.  "This year it hasn't slowed down much. It's been pretty steady throughout the year."

And it's not just the beaches that are seeing an uptick in people with this late-season heat wave. Some of the local businesses, like Rita's Italian Ice, that rely on the hot weather are seeing a little extra people over the last week.

"We usually slow this time of the year because of the cold weather, but since the weather hasn't broke yet, we've gotten a lot of customers," Christy Dennis explained.

The last three days, we've seen the thermometer reach 90 or higher in Tampa.  To put that in perspective, it's only reached 90 degrees three other times in all of the Novembers since 1890, when records began.

Tampa has not seen a temperature below 65 in 188 days -- that's about six months -- which is another record.