Tree again stands tall at Dali Museum, ready for wishes

Hurricane Irma brought down countless trees here in Florida, but probably none as famous as the "Wish Tree" outside the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg.

The tree was blown over during the storm, but crews were able to upright the huge fichus and get it replanted Monday.

The Wish Tree earned its name because visitors leaving the museum write a wish on their wristband, and then tie it to the tree. 

"The most symbolic message that we've found with the storm is the community is so strong and rebuilding itself and coming together that we're also able to resalvage our tree and replant it here today, which is what's happening,” museum marketing manager Chelsey Kamen offered.

This isn't the first time the tree was uprooted.  It was actually moved to the museum in 2010 after being blown over by a storm in South Florida.  It's been blown over and righted at least twice since then.