Volunteers, fresh off Harvey's heels, gear up for Irma

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Many of the volunteers and first responders who traveled to help after Hurricane Harvey won't get much of a break before jumping into action for south Floridians. 

Red Cross volunteers Lou and Fran Abilock returned to Tampa Wednesday after two weeks helping victims of Hurricane Harvey in Louisiana. 

"We were responsible for feeding many of the evacuees that were coming out of Texas," says Lou. 

Harvey was the 12th disaster the couple responded to with the Red Cross. Irma could be the 13th.

"We'll be doing the same thing there as we did in Louisiana," says Fran. "I just hope and pray that it's not nearly as bad here as it was there because that was awful,"

Local firefighters on the swift water rescue team also just came home from Harvey. The team of firefighters from St. Petersburg, Hillsborough County, and Tampa Fire-Rescue could be deployed to where Irma makes landfall.

"Don't ignore it because what we just witnessed is some people weren't prepared and they are waiting to the last minute, but if we are overwhelmed, we might not be able to get to you right away," says team member Aaron Gross.

 Facing the chance of a double disaster, people who rush to help could be spread thin between two storms.