When will the power come back on?

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Hurricane Irma left millions of Floridians without power. Though the storm is long gone, much of the state is still in the dark and anxious to know when their power will be restored.

Unfortunately, it seems it's the luck of the draw as to who has power right now and who doesn't. For some, it was a matter of hours until their electricity came back.

For others, as we're learning, it could take well into next week. It depends on where you live and what company you have.

As of Tuesday night, the Florida Division of Emergency Management reports that 4.3 million people are without power. That's more than 41 percent of the state.

Pinellas County is still one of the hardest-hit areas. Duke Energy reports that approximately 287,000 customers are without power. They've already restored 182,000.

LINK: Updates on Bay Area power outages

Currently, Duke has more than 12,000 workers throughout Florida trying to get the power reconnected. Tuesday afternoon, we stopped by Catalonia Way South in St. Pete where workers from as far away as Canada were doing repairs. Severe damage like this, which required replacing a pole and restringing wire, took nearly a day's work.

That's just one job of so many ahead.

A neighbor across the street, who's been without power for more than two days, sat outside to enjoy the breeze and the sign of hope.

"It's just hot in the house and it's beautiful out here as long as we follow the shade from out oak trees," Debbie Fischer said. "I've got my mom in there who's 90 years old and two old dogs that are hot. Furry dogs. You just do the best you can. I just want to take a shower. A hot shower."

Here are the dates people want to know:

-Duke Energy expects complete restoration by midnight Friday for Pinellas and Pasco Counties, and midnight Sunday for the rest of its customers. Severely impacted Hardee and Highlands Counties could take longer.

- FPL is aiming to have power back for all west coast customers by September 22.

- TECO expects all customers to be back on by Sunday night.

- Lakeland Electric said the majority of outages will last less than a week but some could last up to two weeks.

- Withlacoochie River Electric Cooperative estimates it'll take 7 to 10 days for the majority of accounts.

- Peace River Electric Cooperative was unable to provide estimates.