Dough Nation unveils new 'Cookie Melt'

There's a new sweet treat on the block at Dough Nation in Tampa! 

The edible cookie dough shop in downtown Tampa run by Metropolitan Ministries has unveiled their newest creation: the Cookie Melt. 

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The treat is a concoction of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies, covered in toppings, and then pressed to make the cookies warm. 

Dough Nation uses pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour to make the dough edible. Customers can also purchase the dough to bake cookies at home.

Proceeds from all of the treats, including the edible cookie dough, go to Metropolitan Ministries, which serves more than a million meals a year to the needy across the Tampa Bay Area and helps provide shelter and programs to help people get back on their feet. 

The shop opened last year and Metropolitan Ministries say more locations are on the way.