Extraordinary Ordinaries: Young TV News students use video to make a difference

Many elementary schools are tailoring their approach to learning to coincide with the times. Nowadays, it's more hands on learning, more incorporation of technology and more trust that the children will know how to use it.

At Veterans Elementary School, they’re no different. Before school, the TV News crew meets to deliver a newscast- including headlines, birthdays etc.- that is broadcast to the entire school.

"Seeing these kids learn hands on, and to see what happens when they're successful, and learn through their failures is truly wonderful to watch," said Susan Forgas, the TV News teacher at Veterans Elementary.

After school, the "Media Club" meets and they handle and learn the film making side of things.

“This is a positive way to make videos. They're learning that this is a positive way to make videos: sending out something that is positive, or teaching someone something with the use of a video, is a better message," said Mario Pineo, a teacher of the Media Club.

It's that club that has the school in the running for a $10,000 grand prize for a video contest called "Scotties Trees Rock" that promotes trees and outdoor learning spaces, which is what that money would go to if Veterans wins.

"I'm definitely shocked because when you think about it, it's not just Florida, it's the entire country. We're one of 10 in the entire country and I think it's just incredible." Pineo said.

"I was so excited. We worked so hard on it and to be in the top 10 is a great thing," fifth grader Alyssa Bollent said.

Veterans made into the top ten and could still win if they get enough votes. You can vote for Veterans Elementary right here.

But win or lose, they have succeeded in building skills for the future.

"It’s fun and you're doing something that can inspire people, and I just like the sound of that!" Bollent said.