Hometown Hero: 90-year-old volunteer dedicated as ever

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Carl Miller is 90 years old, but he's not letting his age slow him down. 

"I can't put my feet up at home. I gotta be doing something," said Carl.

So, he spends two days each week volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries.

"I look forward to coming in everyday or whenever I can," said Carl

The staff and volunteers at Metro Ministries love seeing Carl in the office and call him an inspiration.

"Just paying it forward for 15 years in his capacity, it's just amazing that he's here with us," said KristinaTrevor, director of advancement at Metropolitan Ministries.

You can usually find Carl at his desk and on the computer doing data entry for the nonprofit group that helps the poor and homeless families in Tampa.

Carl says there was a time in his life when he wasn't much different from the people Metro Ministries serves. He grew up in a children's home, less than a mile away from where he volunteers.

"To me it's like payback time because when I was at the children's home, a lot of people helped me," said Carl.

Carl has always had a spirit of giving. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, then spent nearly 45 years in education as a math teacher, a college professor and a school administrator. 

"You know, I was the best darn math teacher in Hillsborough County," said Carl.

But what brings him the most joy is his family. Carl was married for 48 years, until his wife Barbara passed away in 2000. Together they had five children and adopted three boys.

"On my 90th birthday party I looked out and there were over 50 people at the party and I thought to myself, ‘I started out with nothing. No relatives. And over half these people owe their lives to me’," said Carl.

Today, Carl never has to worry about being alone. He's got the love of his family and admiration from his friends at Metro Ministries

"I'm doing pretty good. I think this keeps me going," said Carl.