Hometown Heroes: The Children's Home in Tampa

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Janiya and Tommie have the typical brother and sister relationship. They spend most of their time together playing and joking around, but other times their relationship is much more strained.

"Sometimes he doesn't want to be near me, and some days he does," said Janiya.

Whether they're getting along or not, they always agree on one thing: they're grateful to be together. They're currently two of the kids who are waiting to be fostered, adopted or reunited with their families at "The Children's Home" in Tampa.

"We're basically trying to get these kids back to normalcy here at The Children's Home. These kids have been neglected. Basically, their parents just don't really care about them anymore. We try to do the best we can," said Frank Sassek of The Children's Home.  

It's a combination of healing at their facility. Most kids have had it pretty tough, with histories of neglect, abuse and abandonment, but weekly therapy sessions help them heal.

"They helped me with my coping skills, and they helped me by having a therapist. So it's been good," said Janiya.

But what Janiya and the kids *really enjoy are the activities and events at The Children's Home. And there are always plenty of fun things to do.

"This is more like a camp because we are always doing something. Either fishing, or Bucs games. or church groups come out and visit," said Frank.

But the events aren't guaranteed; they're rewards for good behavior. So, in order to participate, the children have to follow the rules.

"We have to keep our room clean, and we have to have good grades, or we can't do anything. Or if we act up, we have restrictions, or we don't do something right we have restrictions," said Tommie.

Each rule is a lesson in how to be a better, well-rounded child, and for Janiya and Tommie, it's another step closer to hopefully finding their forever home.