Liquidation business helps other businesses

There is an interesting business in Tampa that is keeping others in business.

It's called Suncoast Liquidators. They buy new products from retailers who are going out of business, or have overstocked items. That usually comes in huge boxes on pallets, and most liquidators just turn that around and sell the pallets as is.

At Suncoast Liquidators, they take the time to break down those pallets, organize the merchandise in their own warehouse, then repackage new pallets that they then sell. People who buy their pallets, sell the merchandise on eBay, or flea markets, or their own website for a profit.

The folks at Suncoast Liquidators say they are helping e-commerce thrive in our area. Tune in and I'll explain exactly how it all works, and tell you how you can buy a pallet of goods in case you are looking to start your own e-commerce business.

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