Stories of survival: Florida Holocaust Museum dedicated to inspiring visitors

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The Florida Holocaust Museum is a place to instill hope as visitors learn of a tragic time in history.

The museum, located in downtown St. Petersburg, is a powerful place to visit, where guests can become inspired by amazing stories of survival and perseverance. They have two new installations here. 

First, is a virtual reality experience called “The Last Goodbye.” It features survivor, Pinchas Gutter, and his visit to the site of the Nazi death camp Majdanek in Poland. Gutter is the only member of his family of four to have survived the Holocaust. The precedent-setting, fully immersive experience enables viewers to virtually visit the site with Gutter as he travels in life-sized projections through the railway car, gas chamber, shower room and barracks of Majdanek seven decades later.

Upstairs in the Florida Holocaust Museum holds something much lighter: Bill Graham & the Rock & Roll Revolution, a temporary exhibit. Graham escaped Nazi Germany, and ended up being one of the first concert promoters to really bring rock and roll to the masses. He’s credited with giving the Grateful Dead their big start, along with so many others. The exhibit is a fun collection of rock & roll memorabilia and explanation of Graham’s impact on live concerts. 

For more information, click over to the Florida Holocaust Museum website.

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