10-year-old boy plans to mow 50 lawns for seniors, veterans and people in need

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A 10-year-old boy from Missouri is taking on a task that's doing some good – one lawn at a time.

Aidan Carty is obsessed with yard work, and told FOX 4 that his favorite machine is the weed eater.

"It's cool to watch the grass change from really tall to really short," he explained. "You can actually see it chopping the stuff."

Naturally, when he heard of the "50 Yard Challenge," he asked his parents to sign him up. 

"I wrote a little sign that said, 'I accept the 50 yard challenge."

His mom snapped a picture of him holding the sign and sent it to "Raising Men Lawn Care Service," which is the organization behind the challenge that champions boys and girls across the country to offer free lawn service to 50 people. 

The organization asks that participants help the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans, or anyone in need of help in their town. 

Aidan is just one of five kids in Missouri and nine in Kansas participating in the challenge. His most recent task was removing tree debris and mowing overgrown grass at the home of a senior citizen. 

His mother, Sabrina, said Aidan has always been thoughtful.

"I'm just very proud of him, cause he keeps asking, 'Mom, is there anybody that needs my help?'"